WNG Summer Campfire 2017

When you think about August, it reminds you of the sea. When you think about September, its all about the mountains. At least, that’s what was stated on the camp’s event page on Facebook. Being someone who never really liked nature, I was a little hesitant about clicking the ‘going’ button, but since my days in Japan are numbered I thought “why not?” and this is how I ended up in a campsite miles away from Tokyo last weekend with 60 of the awesomest people who lives (or used to live) in my sharehouse.


Kanpai! Cheers!

In typical Japanese fashion, it is of utmost importance to start the day off with alcohol. It doesn’t matter even if it’s 1pm in the afternoon or that you might get carsick in the bus on the way to the campsite. Alcohol is where it’s at guys.



Would you like to enjoy the cool sea breeze with us?

Made a brief stop at Umi Hotaru (literally sea firefly), a parking lot and rest stop area located right smack in the middle of the ocean linking Kawasaki with Kisarazu in the Chiba Prefecture. The last time I was there was during the Chiba Monitor Tour back in 2015 so it was nice to be back.



Our campsite for the night! Nestled in the woods, Nakadaki Art Village is a quaint and idyllic camping spot situated 100km away from Tokyo in the Chiba prefecture. It has a few log cabins on-site as well so for those of you who don’t think you can ever sleep in a tent (like me), it’s perfect.


Miyafi the explorer with his bunch of explorer friends.


Setting up tents for those who want to be one with nature.


Did someone say barbeque?

After we arrived, it was a flurry of activity as everyone prepared for the barbeque and campfire that was taking place later on that night. Meanwhile… I was staring blankly at Stella and Oizumi trying to build the tents because… I have no survival skills sorry (no photos included).


All set up and ready to go!


What are you looking at Stella? Is it my beautiful face?

Me with my staple alcohol in a can, Strong Zero. I lost count of how many I drank that night. Three? Four?? I also woke up with an extra can hidden in my handbag…. Help I’m turning into an alcoholic.


Our resident DJs on the deck.

21368957_1545029438920175_5479410261406074164_oDancing outdoors is wayyyy more fun than dancing in a club. Not only do you get to breathe in the fresh air (goodbye stinky BO), you also have way more space to yourself.


Trying to figure out where my feet goes.

After the barbecue dinner/club event, it was time to gather upon the campfire and dance! I think this was one of my highlights for the night… if you ignore the fact that my eyes kept watering from the smoke emitting from the fire.


Me, Earl, And The Dying Girl.

The main event; watching a movie under the stars. Unfortunately by then most of us were either too drunk to pay attention or too sleepy so… yeah. I did have an enjoyable heart-to-heart talk with a bunch of the other members though. What did we talk about again? I can’t remember anymore LOL.


There’s something just so magical about a bonfire, don’t you think?


All 60 of us.

And the next day it was time to pack up and head back to our bustling lives in Tokyo. Next year I want to try glamping (glamorous camping)! Till next time folks. xx

(Photos by Nobuhiro Toya and Ryuuji Emura)


#Heartze; Hawkeye Bird Cafe

After our little tour around Asakusa, we decided to drop by the Hawkeye Bird Cafe located near Tokyo Sky Tree! Unlike most owl cafes in Tokyo, Hawkeye is unique because they also house hawks and falcons in addition to the standard owls. The entrance is a little nondescript so it’s best to just search for directions on Google Maps!











The hawks are a little too aggressive for me with their huge flapping wings and sharp talons so I opted to just stand at the sidelines and watch the other guests interact with these majestic raptors instead.

P1020448 (1)




Cheryl the animal-whisperer. She proudly proclaimed that all animals like her while they don’t really seem to like me…… T___T


My favourite owl is the white barn owl named Lady Gaga. She was given that name because she likes to do a weird little side-to-side shake that made it seem like she is dancing all the time.



For ¥1,500 you get a drink and an hour to interact with the birds in the cafe. I think it’s pretty worth it especially if you’re an animal lover yourself or if you’re just looking for a unique new experience!




Hawkeye Bird Cafe; 1-8-9 Sumida, Tokyo 130-0002

(Open 1pm-7pm on all days except Mondays & Thursdays)