#Heartze; Mt Fuji

Visiting Mt Fuji has always been on the top of my to-do-in-Japan list, but because I’ve always been too lazy to make a trip there by train I’ve never gotten the chance to see Mt Fuji’s snowy peaks with my own eyes. However, when Cheryl was here she really wanted to go and so we were very lucky to have our friend Solomon take us there on a day trip! Yay! *_____*///


On our way to Mt Fuji!


Yay we are here!


It’s snowing super hard \o/


Dreaming of a winter wonderland /*


The snowman Cheryl made (left) vs the one Solomon made (LOL)

Unluckily for us, it was snowing pretty heavily on the day we went and so we were only allowed to stop at the first station at the base of Mt. Fuji. Nevertheless, we are pretty easy girls to please and the fact that we got to see snow in the middle of spring was already enough to make us happy (laughs). I guess this means… That we’ll just have to visit Mt. Fuji again some other time!

Bisous xx.



♬ Song of the day – Let It Snow [Frank Sinatra]



#Heartze; Asakusa

Cheryl decided to accompany me for two weeks in Tokyo before my school officially started for a short vacation so I brought her to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa on her first day here! Recently she’s turned into some religious fanatic where she’d visit many temples in different countries to get her fortune read and buy amulets for luck and protection so I decided to humor her by bringing her to different shrines in Tokyo.







We dropped ¥100 into one of the wooden boxes in the temple and drew out an おみくじ which is a paper containing your fortune for the year! I only got a regular fortune while Cheryl’s said “best fortune” ahh I’m jealous I want to get a good fortune too! :<


We also exchanged love charms with each other because our love lives have not been very blessed so far. I also suggested we write a message for the other person on it and this is what Cheryl wrote for me I hope we’ll both find good men someday ♥




Tried sakura flavoured ice-cream from one of the stalls in Asakusa and it was delicious! They sell lots of unique snacks and drinks like rice-crackers, sake, manjuu, and more at the stalls around Asakusa so if you ever drop by do try them out!



Also, if you’re wondering what the #Heartze on the title means, it’s a custom hashtag for the both of us which is a combination of Hermes + Ying Tze + Heart. Doesn’t it sound cute? :p

Bisous xx.