Do you know the saying “pain before pleasure”? It means that one has to go through suffering before enjoying the fruits of their labor. That is exactly what I experienced with my friends as we queued for more than four hours to enter the DMM.Planets art exhibition last weekend. On hindsight, we were to blame really. We wanted to get priority passes to skip the queues but because we kept delaying our plans till the last minute, by the time we went online to purchase them the passes were already sold out. Thankfully, the weather that day wasn’t too hot and we managed to idle our time away playing with our phones and talking about random topics before we finally reached the front of the queue and was ushered in to a whole new world.


For those of you not in the know, DMM.Planets is an a new age art exhibition presented by Team Lab held at Diver City, Odaiba from the 16th of July to 31st August 2016. Using a combination of science, art, technology and creativity, their aim is to provide their audience with an immersive artwork experience where people can interact with the pieces using their bodies.


<Wander through the Crystal Universe>

This is my favourite art piece of them all. Using accumulated light points to form the body, the particle of lights are controlled digitally and changes according to the viewers’ interacted with the work. I liked how the lights keep dimming and brightening in different spheres of colour, making it seem like I was in the center of my own little universe.


<Drawing on the Water Surface created by the Dance of Koi and People-Infinity>

Whew. That’s a long name. Basically this piece is a computer generated work where the viewer’s interaction with the installation will cause continuous changes to the artwork; ie lots of swimming fishes and blooming flowers on a surface of water. My friends and I spent a lot of time here chasing the pretty lights and koi around while ignoring our freezing toes *laughs*


<Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers>

This artwork describes a seasonal year of flowers that bloom infinitely on the ceiling of their dome art installation space. Whilst laying down on the floor staring up into the beautiful array of flowers blossoming and withering above and listening to the eerily soothing soundtrack that accompanied this display, you will either feel like you’re transported to a dreamland with fields in full bloom… Or you’ll start wondering how many people have stepped on the floor you’re lying on right now with their stinky feet. Oops.

I’ve never been a really artsy kind of person, but I did enjoy myself thoroughly at this exhibition. I’d love to go to another one held by the same team and next time, I will definitely get priority tickets on time. I hope.

For more information on the exhibit (which has since ended) and the art pieces on display, you can visit their official website here.


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