#Heartze; Hawkeye Bird Cafe

After our little tour around Asakusa, we decided to drop by the Hawkeye Bird Cafe located near Tokyo Sky Tree! Unlike most owl cafes in Tokyo, Hawkeye is unique because they also house hawks and falcons in addition to the standard owls. The entrance is a little nondescript so it’s best to just search for directions on Google Maps!











The hawks are a little too aggressive for me with their huge flapping wings and sharp talons so I opted to just stand at the sidelines and watch the other guests interact with these majestic raptors instead.

P1020448 (1)




Cheryl the animal-whisperer. She proudly proclaimed that all animals like her while they don’t really seem to like me…… T___T


My favourite owl is the white barn owl named Lady Gaga. She was given that name because she likes to do a weird little side-to-side shake that made it seem like she is dancing all the time.



For ¥1,500 you get a drink and an hour to interact with the birds in the cafe. I think it’s pretty worth it especially if you’re an animal lover yourself or if you’re just looking for a unique new experience!




Hawkeye Bird Cafe; 1-8-9 Sumida, Tokyo 130-0002

(Open 1pm-7pm on all days except Mondays & Thursdays)


#Heartze; Asakusa

Cheryl decided to accompany me for two weeks in Tokyo before my school officially started for a short vacation so I brought her to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa on her first day here! Recently she’s turned into some religious fanatic where she’d visit many temples in different countries to get her fortune read and buy amulets for luck and protection so I decided to humor her by bringing her to different shrines in Tokyo.







We dropped ¥100 into one of the wooden boxes in the temple and drew out an おみくじ which is a paper containing your fortune for the year! I only got a regular fortune while Cheryl’s said “best fortune” ahh I’m jealous I want to get a good fortune too! :<


We also exchanged love charms with each other because our love lives have not been very blessed so far. I also suggested we write a message for the other person on it and this is what Cheryl wrote for me I hope we’ll both find good men someday ♥




Tried sakura flavoured ice-cream from one of the stalls in Asakusa and it was delicious! They sell lots of unique snacks and drinks like rice-crackers, sake, manjuu, and more at the stalls around Asakusa so if you ever drop by do try them out!



Also, if you’re wondering what the #Heartze on the title means, it’s a custom hashtag for the both of us which is a combination of Hermes + Ying Tze + Heart. Doesn’t it sound cute? :p

Bisous xx.

Tokyo Dreamin’


So this is it.

I’m finally here in Tokyo. It’s been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl to someday be able to experience living in Japan. My love affair with Japan started when I was five years old, watching Sailormoon everyday after preschool. Slowly, I began watching more anime on Astro such as Ranma 1/2, Ayashi No Ceres, Hana Yori Dango, Samurai X and more and my love for Japan just grew and grew. There’s honestly no words to describe how much I love this country, their culture, food, fashion, anime, manga, etc.. etc.. etc. In fact, most of my life I’ve been dressing up in clothing from Japanese brands, eating Japanese food weekly, reading news and gossip from Japanese sites, and making friends with other people who loved Japan. Many people in Malaysia thought I was a weirdo and would talk bad about me behind my back but to me it didn’t matter because I was happy being who I was. I used to tell myself that one day, I would live in Tokyo and now here I am. Living my dream.Someone once told me that if you wish for something hard enough, it will come true. So keep on wishing guys! Who knows, your dreams may be fulfilled someday too.

Bisous xx.



♬ Song of the day – When You Wish Upon A Star [Linda Ronstadt]

One Last Time.


Hello, it’s me. The girl who’s been incessantly creating and abandoning blogs since I was in high school. I’ve lost count of the number of times I keep registering new domains and making promises to myself that this time, I will blog more. This time, I will become a hardworking blogger who publishes tidbits about my life every week. Alas, the inevitable always happens and my laziness will get the better of me every. single. time. Honestly, I’ve really thought of quitting blogging completely. But there’s this tiny part of me that refuses to let go, this ache in me to have a space where I can pen (or in this case type) down my innermost thoughts and feelings. And what better excuse to start blogging again than the fact that I’ll be leaving for Tokyo in three days. Three more days to the adventure of a lifetime. So here it is, the last blog I will ever create in this lifetime. I hope you will enjoy the ride with me.

Bisous xx.



♬ Song of the day – Start Of Something New [High School Musical]